‘Tis the season to be… Ganxy!

Fa la la la la la la la la ūüôā

Yep, it’s coming all right. In just a month you’ll be glancing in the general direction of the nearest available fireplace¬†and anxiously awaiting Santa, wondering what gifts he may bear this year.

Apart from stating the obvious – that the best christmas gift for anyone¬†is of course an e-book¬†–¬†we have a few suggestions on how Ganxy can help you give¬†and deliver your content to your audience:

  • Are you a mailing list? (well, not you personally, but you know what we mean…)
    How about creating an e-book bundle for your subscribers? And maybe pack a special video greeting in there as well! Since you use Ganxy, you’ll know that only your tried & true subscribers will be able to download your exclusive content.
  • Is making music your passion?¬†Pack a few (holiday) tunes together and¬†provide your eager listeners with a special seasonal treat. Not only will you be able to know it went into good hands, but with a little help from Ganxy’s analytics, you’ll¬†have the data about¬†how many ribbon-wrapped packages were actually used.
  • Your company has had yet another successful year? Why not show love for your employees by surprising them with an e-book?¬†Even if you’re really big, you don’t have to worry about anyone from your large team having problems accessing the content – we support all devices, plus our customer guidance & support is top notch and always available (just like Santa’s elves).
  • Organizing a formal event,¬†an informal get-together or a choir concert before¬†the end of the year?¬†Make it even more memorable:¬†create printed cards that can be given away in person or in a stocking.¬†We print and ship the cards for you, using your branding, or we‚Äôll give you a block of redemption codes that you can affix to cards or other materials that you print. And just like all the other campaign options within Ganxy, cards can be loaded with one or more pieces of content.

We’re sure you can let your creative spirits run wild¬†and think of even more fantastic ways to give the gift of supreme digital content to those special ones in your life, how ever many they may be.

As ever: email us at help@ganxy.com if you have any questions (well, except about Santa, he is a man of mystery after all).

And remember: Use Ganxy, be ganxy! ūüôā

If we lost you there for a second: Ganxy is derived from the Mandarin word¬†for¬†gratitude and is pronounced¬†/g√¶Ňčk’siňź/

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