$18,000 of books a second: Publishers can now Automate eBook Bulk Sales

We are delighted to announce Ganxy Bulk Sales. For the first time, eBook publishers can automate bulk and special orders directly from their websites.

Until now, eBook bulk orders and special sales haven’t happened as often as they could. It’s been too much of a hassle for both the buyer and the seller.

Ganxy Bulk Sales, however, allows discounts, makes pricing transparent, and automates transactions. Customers can order in bulk paying with a credit card just as they would for a single copy through the Internet. Publishers can choose to offer Ganxy Bulk Sales on their own website, the author website, or even a third-party site such as a blog or news outlet.

See step-by-step setup here.

Ganxy Bulk Sales has been tested vigorously and has already delivered some pretty spectacular results. One publisher sold over $18,000 worth of books in a single transaction. A pharmaceutical company’s division purchased an eBook for each employee. A bank bought eBooks for all 3,500 attendees of a conference. Another company bought books as gifts for each of the 10,000 subscribers on their email list. We even had a bookstore buy eBooks through our system, to resell in their store.

EBook buyers appreciate our no-­registration e-commerce and full customer support. We have some of the highest rankings in the industry, with 20% of customers choosing Ganxy over the biggest eBook retailer out there. Additionally, Ganxy is compliant with standards, and works with every eBook app, so customers don’t need to download a new app just to reach your book.


EBook publishers enjoy an up to 40% marketing lift using Ganxy because we don’t send your customers off your site and distract them with other options. Our managed store does 24/7 support for you, but you control what is offered. We’re VAT compliant, filing the new European digital content taxes on your behalf so you don’t run the risk of violating them.

Getting Ganxy Bulk Sales up and running is immediate and intuitive. We walk you through it here.

With Ganxy Bulk Sales, organizations, companies and book clubs can buy your eBook at numbers they’d never otherwise realize were possible. You’ll access a whole new world of innovative, profitable possibilities for high quality digital content.

Ganxy also handles audio materials, video materials, and educational content.

Get started with Ganxy Bulk Sales here.

Questions, thoughts, ideas? Be in touch at info@ganxy.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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