Maximizing the effectiveness of your promotions with direct sales (part 2 of 2)

Keep your customers happy

In our last installment we mentioned a few of the operational challenges you would face if you decided to build a direct sales solution on your own using a run-of-the-mill payment provider. The other side of the coin which is equally – if not more – important to consider is the customer experience challenges you’re going to face. After all, the last thing in the world you want is to sell your audience a great book and then get complaints because they couldn’t figure out how to access it.

Let’s look at a few of the challenges you’d face if you tried to maximize your customer’s experience on your own:

Making sure your customers can access on all their devices:  In the world of eBooks there are several different formats, including the popular ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats, each of which is appropriate for a different device or reading app (more on this). You need to make sure that your customers can read on the device or app of their choice – not yours. Emailing your mother an ePub file is not enough, she needs to know how to transfer it to her Nook. Similarly, simply sending your customers a PDF won’t ensure that they can figure out how to access it on their Kindle, Nook, or smartphone, and even worse, a PDF provides a poor reading experience on those devices.

To get around this, you’re not only going to have to provide customers with the right files, but you’ll need to give them very specific instructions on how to access that file on the device of their choice.

The Ganxy solution:  Ganxy provides guidance to make sure that buyers can access their content on the device or app of their choice. For any eBook file we’re provided, we’ll make sure that the buyer is presented with clear and specific instructions to access it on the appropriate device or app. Want to make sure your customer can read those Mobi files on the Kindle, ePub files on the Nook, either format on the iPad or Android, and so on? We’ll handle this for you.

Ganxy auto-detects the user’s device and provides specific guidance.

Providing Customer Support:  No matter how thorough you are, customers buying direct will have problems, they’ll need direct assistance, and this assistance will take time. Of all the needs that we’ve mentioned (payment processing, file hosting, content delivery, guidance), this is the easiest to underestimate but can be an absolute time suck if not handled properly. It’s the last thing any author, musician, or content owner wants to spend time dealing with.

The Ganxy Solution:  In addition to providing the guidance for devices and apps, Ganxy offers your customers a direct channel to ask questions. These questions range from how to download or transfer a file, to making a payment, to any number of other things.

Handling these crucial functionalities on your own would be an enormous drain on your time and more significantly a distraction from what you really want to do: create and market your content. Shopping cart services aren’t going to provide this functionality either. Other commerce services for digital content may touch on some of these functions, but they fall short in the end when it comes to providing the full service your customers deserve. Ask yourself this question: do you want to be woken up at 4:00 AM to handle a support issue for a customer in Europe? We don’t think so — which is why we do it for you.

Ready to start selling direct via Ganxy? Go to to get set up and you’ll be off and running in a matter of minutes.

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