Maximize the results of your promoting efforts: a how-to guide

Ganxy’s primary goal is to offer tools that can be used to promote and sell content. It’s important that we help our customers learn how to take advantage of these tools. And so, today we’re launching a how-to-use-Ganxy article series!

 Let’s begin by taking a quick look at the Ganxy Showcase, which is the heart of the Ganxy toolset. Here’s a sample Showcase. When we designed the Showcase we wanted to put all of the tools that authors and publishers need to engage, sell to, and connect with their audience into a single interface.

Engage, Sell, and Connect

The Showcase contains all the elements necessary to give readers a feel for the book: a cover image, preview, description, and even a video. A well-presented book will get the consideration from the audience it deserves.

The Showcase displays multiple retailer links. Why multiple retailers? Because every reader has their own buying preference and we want to make sure that their preferred buying option is right there in front of them (you can use Ganxy Direct Sales, where you keep 90% of net sales — more on that next week).

You’ll also see that there are sharing buttons to tap into your audience’s enthusiasm, by letting them share and spread the word on places like Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, the latest addition to the Showcase: the ability to create direct connections with your audience. In talking to authors and publishers, they’ve voiced that it’s vitally important to their businesses to build relationships with their audiences. This is why any Showcase can be set up to collect email addresses, as shown below.

Consistent branding across all marketing channels

Another key facet of the Showcase is that it allows authors and publishers to consistently present their books across a variety of marketing channels. Take a look at a recent Diversion Books publication, “Obama: The Evolution of a President” by The Washington Post. Here’s a sharable Showcase page, which is ideally tweeted, emailed, or posted to a Facebook newsfeed. Here’s the same Showcase embedded on the Diversion Books website.

Our “Create once, use everywhere™” approach means that anyone can set up a single Showcase and then use it to promote and sell on websites, Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter, and through emails. Need to update your book’s description? No problem, just make the edit in your Ganxy account and it will immediately be updated across all of those marketing channels. Adding a retailer link? Again, no problem. It will be updated everywhere your Showcase is used.

Voila, the author or publisher has complete control over the book’s brand, wherever they choose to promote.

Go create a Showcase!

Now here’s the really good part: any Showcase can be set up in just a few minutes and can be used to promote any type of content, from books to music to video. There are also no fees – Showcases are free to set up and free to use. So go to and set yours up. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Next week, we’ll talk about the more profitable alternative to selling through retailers: selling directly to your audience. We’ll fill you in on how you can set up in minutes and keep 90% of the net sales proceeds.

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