Introducing Ganxy Promotional and Special Sales Campaigns


Imagine you’re a small innovative publisher, just like Mercury Ink, and you want to build interest in an upcoming book series that you’re going to be releasing (in this case, Chris Stewart’s “Wrath and Righteousness” series). Your goal is to build interest in the series by offering select readers – i.e., an exclusive group of people – a free copy of the first book and making sure that it’s not accessible for free to the general public. You can’t do it through Amazon, iTunes, or B&N for a few reasons, among them, that you have no idea which retailer (or reading device/app) each reader in your audience prefers. Also, the only way to give eBooks to a select group of readers via the major retailers is to pay close to full price – for an eBook that you own the rights to!

So what do you do? You use Ganxy to deliver that book so that readers can access it on all devices. As a matter of fact, in a couple of weeks you give away more than 45,000 eBooks at a fraction of the cost that the retailers want to charge you. And, you never have to worry about a single customer support issue because Ganxy handles that for you.

Ganxy promotional and special sales Campaigns: Making the most of your content

One of the core beliefs that drives us here at Ganxy is that those who create content should be able to make the “most of it.” This was the motivation behind creating our game-changing direct sales tool which gave content providers more of every sale and more data from their customers. And this is why we’re pleased to announce that we’re extending our toolkit so you can deliver your digital content directly to consumers as part of promotions, special sales, and more.

Selling your content directly via Ganxy isn’t the only way to leverage its value. Maybe you’d like to give away content in exchange for an email address, or give away 100 copies of your eBook to promote it, or send a single copy to a reviewer. The point is that you want to be in control of who receives your content for free and what you get in exchange for that (awareness, consumer email addresses, analytics data, etc). And, you want to make sure that consumers always have a good experience by making the content accessible on every device and giving them customer support via Ganxy in case they need assistance.

With Ganxy Campaigns, you can digitally fulfill any kind of content you like, from full-length eBooks and previews to videos like trailers to audio like audiobooks. You can deliver a single piece of content, like an eBook, or multiple pieces of content together, like a few eBooks along with a trailer. You can deliver that content online or even create printed cards that you can load up with the content of your choice.

Getting started

You can go to to get started in just a few minutes.

To keep things simple and inexpensive for you, we keep the costs of making content available for redemption low. The total cost of a single content redemption is $0.25, but you’ll only pay $0.05 up front and the remaining $0.20 redemption fee when consumers get access to the content. In other words, if you set up a Campaign to make an eBook available to 1,000 people as part of a promotion and only half of them redeem, you won’t be charged the $0.20 redemption fee for those who haven’t accessed the eBook.

The redemption fee includes email address collection, analytics data, optional access control (if you’d like to limit those who can access), Ganxy’s guidance interface (to make sure your customers can access content on every device), and direct customer support. Printed cards will cost roughly an additional $0.45 per card (before shipping / tax). If you’d like to offer 1,000 redemptions or more, email us at for our bulk discount rates.

Try it at no cost

If you’d like to try out Ganxy’s Promotional and Special Sales tools, go to and sign up. To make sure it’s risk free, we’ll let you offer the first 12 redemptions at no cost to you.

In our next installment we’ll look at some of the ways you can use Ganxy Promotional and Special Sales Campaigns in more detail.

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