How to effectively leverage your content with printed cards

Since we introduced printed cards a few months ago, we’ve seen a wide variety of uses covering both sales and giveaways (see examples below). The biggest takeaway is that content cards are a new distribution channel that help our customers achieve some pretty important goals, like generating revenue, acquiring leads through email address collection, or building their brands.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of noise when it comes to promoting online and it’s hard to make your voice heard. The Ganxy solution is simple: create printed cards that can be sold or given away in person, anywhere around the world.

Here are a few ways that our customers have succeeded using cards:

  • The Cato Institute distributes cards at events and conferences they attend to disseminate their research via downloads of digital documents.

  • Freelance book writer and editor Janet Green from thewordverve ordered cards for an author client to sell her eBook at book signings.

  • Book publisher Graybooks is having one of their authors give cards of their eBook to people in the film industry who might be able to accelerate the process of turning the book into a film.

So how should you use Ganxy cards?

Use events like speaking engagements, conferences, book signings, and concerts are the perfect opportunity to leverage a captive audience. Even consider selling or giving the cards to local books stores and cafés where they can be sold at a nice profit.

How does it work?

We print and ship the cards for you, using your branding, or we’ll give you a block of redemption codes that you can affix to cards or other materials that you print. Also, just like all the other campaign options within Ganxy, cards can be loaded with one or more pieces of content.

Cards cost about $0.69 each and can be shipped anywhere in the world in orders of as few as 50. To order cards, create a “Campaign” in your Ganxy account and then you’ll see a button for ordering cards. You’ll provide use with a few details for the cards you’d like to get and you’ll be on your way.

Email us at if you have any questions.

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