Goodbye, Ganxy is Winding Down

Ten years ago, we set out to create a better independent distribution
and monetization platform for publishers of digital products. We also
believed that the user experience of acquiring digital products could
be smoother, safer, and private. We’re proud of the platform we built
with minimal resources, but even more so, we’re grateful for the
community of users and publishers that enabled our endeavor.

Unfortunately, due to the changing reality of the economics and de
facto oligopolies in eBook and music distribution, our story is
ending. Though many challenges in the world of digital products remain
unsolved, and while we considered every option before making the
difficult decision to cease operations, the simple fact is that we can
no longer do it.

Therefore, we’re issuing a thirty (30) day notice of termination of
services. As of December 29, 2018, all our operations will shut down
and will no longer be available. Payouts from sales of products will
be processed subject to available funds as part of our winding up and
dissolution process.

Thank you for using the Ganxy platform. It has been a privilege to
serve you.

The Ganxy Team

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