A Mile in Your Shoes

We love book fairs. And after hearing so many great reviews of our Ganxy cards we wanted to actually try it out for ourselves.

So, we printed up some cards and headed to the Frankfurter Buchmesse, aka the Frankfurt Book Fair.


Tor made the trip all of the way to Frankfurt!

At Ganxy we feel that it is important not only to speak to our customers, but also to try to walk a mile in their shoes. This way we can best understand their desires and needs. Actually experiencing first hand what it is like to actively use our Ganxy cards gave us an even better understanding from our customer’s perspective.


Seeing everyone’s excitement and hearing their own "Ah-Ha"s about the Ganxy Cards was a real highlight of the trip.

The fair was, as always, busy and wonderful. Every year it is a fabulous place to meet new people, see old friends, and learn and share experiences with the book community and industry around it.

We received a lot of feedback from our previous customers and wide-eyed excitement from people who had yet to discover us and our powerful tool.

The main takeaway was that these cards are the best way to always be prepared for an opportunity. Conferences, book signings, networking events, anywhere really. Who knows when or where you will meet someone who would like to read your book?

Ganxy cards are particularly useful in places where there are many people and little time to interact with each and every one (or as in Frankfurt, literally impossible to even interact with just a small percent of the people).

So with our own printed Ganxy cards in hand we tried it out on both current customers, new people we met, and publishers we have never talked to before.

The immediacy of understanding once you hand someone a card was a wonderful and reassuring thing to experience. It is so simple really, something small and handy that takes up little space and doesn’t push your suitcase over the weight limit.

Once you hand it over and tell them what it is, people immediately understand what has just happened.

And they like it. They like it a lot.

As do we. And after our week at the Frankfurt Book Fair we can now share this understanding with you.

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