3 examples of how to succeed with your Ganxy Showcase

So you’ve created your first Showcase and are looking at it with a mixture of both pride and joy. Now you’re wondering, what can I do to take full advantage of it? In this post we’ll show you a few examples of how some authors and publishers have been using a Ganxy Showcase across their online presence to increase the effectiveness of their promotions and sales efforts. If you haven’t created a free Showcase yet, go to get.ganxy.com to get started. It takes just a few minutes.


Your goal: Get your Showcase in front of potential buyers any way you can

As we’ve written in this blog, the Ganxy Showcase is designed to accomplish two primary goals: 1) to help your audience get a feel for your book and 2) to make it easier for your audience to buy how they prefer. Your goal is to get that Showcase in front of as many potential buyers as you can. We’ve made it easy for you by having every Showcase page be sharable, and the Showcase itself can be embedded on websites, Facebook pages, and blogs.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Diversion Books: Coordinated their launch for Mark Cuban’s “How to Win at the Sport of Business”

When Diversion Books launched Mark Cuban’s first published book they wanted to make sure to tap into the loyal following that the billionaire entrepreneur had acquired. To do this, they used Ganxy as part of a coordinated launch and made sure that any potential buyers they reached would be brought right to the Showcase where they could preview and buy.

  1. They embedded the Showcase on their site
  2. They embedded the Showcase on a Facebook page
  3. They ran display ads that linked directly to the dedicated Showcase page
  4. They tweeted the Showcase page link
  5. They posted the Showcase on their Facebook newsfeed

You’ll also notice that Cuban’s fans shared the Showcase using the social sharing buttons that are included within the Showcase (for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest).

Author and Cracked.com columnist Robert Brockway: Promoted directly to his fans

Rx-Ep1-Cover-Final-TinyCracked.com editor and columnist Robert Brockway has obtained a significant online following through his writing. He set up a Showcase page for the first book in his series, “Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity”. Just like Diversion Books, Robert Brockway coordinated the launch of his book series across all of those online destinations where he was reaching his fans.

  1. He tweeted the Showcase page link
  2. He embedded the Showcase on his Facebook page
  3. He linked to the Showcase at the end of articles that he’d written
  4. He linked to the Showcase page from his website

Hipso Media: Used their blog as the centerpiece of their promotions

Since publisher Hipso Media generates some pretty significant traffic to their blog it made sense to feature one of their books, “Valentina Goldman’s Immaculate Confusion,” directly in the blog itself:

  1. Here’s how the Showcase looks embedded directly on their WordPress blog
  2. The team at Hipso also decided to have a bit of fun with their presentation of the book. In this case, they linked directly to the Showcase from underneath a catchy photo
  3. They also embedded it on their Facebook page
Showcase on a Facebook Page

Showcase on a Facebook Page

Summary: Getting a Showcase in front of your audience is a breeze

To wrap things up, let’s summarize some of the “best practices” you should use to get your Showcase in front of your audience:

  1. Website, blog, and/or Facebook page: Embed your Showcase
  2. Twitter: Tweet your Showcase page link
  3. Facebook newsfeed: Post your Showcase page link
  4. Display ads: Buy ads linking directly to your Showcase page
  5. Blog posts: Try to Include links to the Showcase page on any post mentioning your book
  6. Email: Send your Showcase page link in an email to newsletter subscribers and other acquaintances

In our next installment we’ll go into a bit more detail about the steps you’ll need to take to embed on your website, Facebook page, or blog.

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